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6th Sep, 2021

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30th Aug, 2021

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16th Aug, 2021

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About the Podcast

Wylde In Bed: Erotic Audio Stories at Bedtime
Erotic Audio Stories to increase your sensuous pleasure as you drift to sleep
For your weekly erotic pleasure, you can enjoy deep and intimate erotic audio stories and erotic romance readings all designed with one thing in mind, to give you the deepest, most intense pleasure every Sunday night at 10pm CST.
It doesn't matter if you are single or a couple, you can enjoy intense pleasure, all you have to do is lay back, put your headphones on and let me voice take you into your deepest fantasies.
You can even suggest your own fantasies, so you can hear the magic of being taken into your own personal audio porn as if it was really happening.
I created experiential erotic stories to take listeners beyond normal erotica, so they might enjoy deeper pleasure and satisfy their darkest fantasies in the safety of their own bed. If you haven't experienced the passion of experiential erotica before, be warned, your body will enjoy it as if it was really happening...yes, right through to your very own happy ending.
And you know, you can enjoy my most popular audio every, for free. Yep you heard me right, absolutely free, just for visiting me at https://wyldedesires.com.
The sensations in these erotic audios are well known for last well beyond your listening time, in fact many people have said how they enjoy deep satisfaction, many days after listening to these erotic stories.
To enhance your pleasure further I will also be running erotic meditation sessions. Many people don't enjoy the full intensity of their sensual self due to doubts and worries. So you can get the most pleasure from your sensual life, I will combine brief meditation within each of my audios, designed not only to help you over the hurdles of stress and worry, but to accelerate your natural sensuality to a whole new level.

“Oh My God!!! Thank you!”
“Your audio sessions have awoken something in me I didn’t know existed”
“I begin to relax and feel connected to my sexual self the moment you begin”
“I don't think I've ever heard anything nearly this effective. Thank you, and well done!”
“I have rediscovered my sensual self after 25 years.”

You can go ahead and discover even deeper pleasures by coming and seeing me at https://wyldedesires.com
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About your host

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Devlin Wylde

Erotic storytelling is never something that the careers tutor at school ever mentioned, odd that. Yet here I am, all these years later, a professional erotic storyteller and voice artist. Based in the UK, but I travel with my work extensively, I am truly passionate about giving the most aural pleasure I possibly can.
As a trained hypnotherapist I developed the idea of 'Experiential Erotica' in 2015. These are quite simply erotic stories that take you into the story, so your body will feel like you are enjoying all the pleasures of your fantasy, even though you've never left your bed. Experiential Erotica came in to its own in 2017 with the release of Seduced by the Shadows which brought in ASMR and guided visualisation techniques to make the story even more real. That's the beauty of Experiential Erotica, these aren't just normal erotic stories, you will live them, you will feel every kiss, every lick, every thrust as if it was happening to you right now.